Sunday, May 25, 2008

I struggle.

Another weekend is almost to a close. After bragging on last week's weather it is now rainy (though still not too cold ... knock wood) and time to bring activities inside.

I got a hankering today to make some chocolate chip cookies, which as you can see turned into a Toll House fiasco. Lots of mess, lots of flat, misshapen, rock-hard cookies. (All of the chocolate marks on the plate are from the first batch, which I burned, and threw out.) More flour next time, I think.

Last night we had dinner with a Kiwi grad student in Chris's department. A lot of wine and a few Neil Diamond records were involved, so needless to say a good time was had by all. I had my first pavlova, which actually is very tasty with a delightful sweet crunchy shell. Who knew?

She and her roommate are also big American Idol fans, though unfortunately they are more of the Archuletta persuasion. I've already read on American news sites who won (I love you, David Cook, you hair-challenged, multi-necklace-wearing cheeseball! You'll Always Be MY Baby!) but since the show is delayed by several weeks here I had to keep quiet. It was tough.

I met with a super nice law school professor last week and she has bent over backwards to put me in touch with a few potential job contacts. Everything seems to move on a slower time frame here ... we shall see.

Otherwise, life is pretty quiet for now. We got some venison at the farmer's market yesterday so I'm cooking a venison stew -- proof, dear readers, that I am officially a Kiwi pioneer woman. It smells good, but it remains to be seen whether I am 0-2 in the kitchen today. Wish me luck.

Ever the good sport, Christopher washes down a cookie.


Anonymous said...

Emily says:


Not much to report from the ATL. I'm sitting on my deck working on my 9th hour of document review for the day. (Sadly, I am not exaggerating.) Walter is hanging out with me, which makes it better. How many days until you get your pooches back?

I must say that I am very impressed that you are making venison stew. That sounds very advanced. I made cobbler this weekend and was very proud of myself. Cobbler is not very advanced.

What kind of law jobs are you looking at? Would you be a lawyer or just work with a law firm in a more fun capacity like recruiting?

Speaking of recruiting, the beach trip is next week. I will take notes and report back afterwards.

We sure do miss you guys around here.


willinathens said...

AH venison, from years of cooking it for Our Daily Bread I still find it the best meat for chili. A hint from this old chef: a couple of tablespoons of honey will enhance most stews, the slow carmelization of the sugars adds a complexity that's subtle but noticeable. Athens sans students is such bliss.