Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nice Weekend

On Saturday we went to a Mexican potluck with two other American couples and one Kiwi couple. The lack of good Mexican food appears to be a common complaint among Americans here, so we made our own and it was pretty durned good if I do say so myself. (I still miss you, Nuevo Laredo! And Aqua Linda! And Taqueria del Sol! And that Cuban/Peruvian place in Athens formerly known as Caliente Cab that keeps changing its name, which technically isn't Mexican but is still freakin' swimming in deliciousness! Never forget me. Sniff.)

Not to jinx ourselves, but for all of the apologizing people do about the weather around here, it was absolutely gorgeous all week. Blue sky, sunny, crisp. Sweater weather, but not coat weather. Considering this is the equivalent of mid-November, I'll take it.

Chris and I went for a very nice trail run, or I should say it was very nice until we came to a couple of mammoth hills he didn't warn me about. I would have shouted some four-letter words at him if I had any breath left at all.

We also decorated the car:

Drove to the St. Clair Esplanade and walked around:

Took a stroll on the beach:

Watched surfers:

Saturday night we discovered this little buddy in our backyard. For the uninitiated, he is a hedgehog. Chris named him Sonic, but I think he looks more like a Javier:


Jenny said...

Beautiful Pictures! We miss you here.

lola said...

caliente cab is now called cali n titos. still wonderful...

xtina said...

Sonic, LOL!!! I can't believe you had a real life hedgehog. Watch out Owen and Livy! Javier...randomly hilarious. Javy Lopez used to be my favorite Braves player.

elizabeth said...

i love the hedgehog. what do o & o think about it - playmate or possible snack?