Thursday, May 1, 2008

I've arrived

Just a quick note to say I made it, devoted readers! I know you have been waiting with bated breath. I'm writing this in my bathrobe from our kitchen table in Dunedin. Woo hoo!

Flight from LA to Auckland was surprisingly great. I had an aisle seat and no one on the other side of me. From Auckland to Dunedin, I sat in front of some Kiwi rednecks, who are suprisingly exactly like Georgia rednecks with a different accent and different logos on their T-shirts. It is great to see Chris and he's done a good job with the house. Aside from some grocery shopping and some wandering around, it's been a very low-key first 48 hours.

I've got to go get cleaned up as we are going to a tea in Chris's department (Tea! As an event! I love it!) but I will report more soon, darling readers. I miss you already!


Anonymous said...


Glad to hear you are there safely. It's very starnge to see you post a message on May 1st when it's late afternoon in April here.


Jenny said...

Yay! glad to hear you made it safely. post pictures! j

Courtney said...

Great to hear from you! I am glad you had a safe and uneventful trip. Can't wait to see some picture!


Anonymous said...

Good news, now just get O and O in the new abode and the family's complete. Did I hear a rumor about Antartica?

Reshma said...

Hey Shana! Glad to hear you're safely in NZ! Hope you got our text, Sofia is here, I'll send you pix soon, you do the same. Miss you!


Will said...

I'm glad your able to see the dogs and hope their's sprung soon