Saturday, April 19, 2008

So long ...

Before we begin, let's address a couple of housekeeping issues.

1) I must correct a mistake in the previous entry, "New Zealand: Now You Know! Part III." It turns out the time difference is currently eight hours (or, more specifically, 16 hours) between EDT and NZ time, not six as I originally reported. This is because the U.S. sprang forward in daylight savings time when NZ fell back an hour. But then in October NZ will spring forward and the U.S. will fall back, and it will be back to six hours (or, more specifically, 18 hours). Does that make any sense? I kinda don't think so.

2) Thanks for the comments. Especially the ones that praise me and talk about how great I am, but also the snarky ones (I'm looking at you, Elizabeth). I love these as they make me feel like I'm not just talking to myself. From now on, if you post as "anonymous," please also sign your name. It's more fun that way, and it lets me rest assured that you are not my axe murderer stalker.

Okay, now that's out of the way. Let's get to the brilliant prose.

It's my last week in Atlanta. I'm riding some insane waves of nostalgia, excitement, and denial, with the occasional nervous breakdown thrown in for good measure. My primary goal this week is to eat as much Mexican food as possible. (Chris tells me there is one Mexican restaurant in Dunedin. His exact words were, "You will not be impressed.")

I spent a fantastic week in Texas visiting my parents. Some good Mexican food was involved. A lot of people ask how my parents are handling this move, and I have to give them heaps of credit for being astoundingly and consistently supportive. Perhaps on occasion you have said to yourself, "Gee, I have the best mom/dad in the world." Perhaps you have sent a mother's day card to this effect, or maybe you've given your father a "#1 Dad" mug that he uses to hold pens on his desk. I am sorry to say that you have been misled, because on a completely objective basis it turns out that my parents are, in fact, the best in the world. (Yours are still good, though. You really should call them more often.) I already miss them like crazy.

Now I'm back in the ATL, feeling rather chubby from all of the Mexican food and overwhelmed with everything that has to be done this week. The big thing will be getting the dogs on the plane, which will almost certainly require sedatives. (For me, not the dogs.) I'm also trying to say goodbye to everybody, which is impossible, and I can't help feel that all of the lunches and dinners and happy hours in the world can't possibly do justice to the unbelievable friendships I've had in here in Georgia. I'm seriously going to miss you guys.

All this is to say that my nerves are pretty raw right now, and I'm sad and excited and in utter disbelief that this is my last week in my adopted home state. The thing that's getting me through is just being so ready to see Chris (best husband in the world, objectively speaking) and getting our new life started after so much talking, so much planning.

Barring any unforeseen events that I just have to share (let's hope not ... no news is good news, this week) I think this is my last post before I leave. I'll see you in New Zealand, devoted readers!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shana

Have you still not left?!? Enjoy the trip. By the way all those Ireland references - bollocks: sheep; rain; hills; rain; rugby; rain; green; rain - that's WALES. Except we are better at rugby (you can tell them that - it will make them laugh and then you will be friends).

See ya


Anonymous said...

Emily says:

Hey dude. I think you're flying over an ocean as I write this. I'm glad you're on your way. Give Chris a big hug from all of us when you get there.

I'm back from Napa. We had an awesome time. We drank too much wine, ate too much food and drove around in a convertible (not necessarily in that order). What could be better?

Please post a little hello when you arrive so we know you arrived safe and sound.

Miss you very much already!

xtina said...

I still think we should open a Mexican & Margarita shack in NZ. Our niche can be Kiwi Margs.