Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pineapple Track Tramp

People spend a lot of time talking about the fact that New Zealand is an unusually beautiful place. They're right. For such a small country there is a ridiculous amount of scenery and outdoor activity. Beaches, mountains, vineyards, rolling green hills, farmland, geysers ... Whatever floats your boat. We have great intentions to get out and see every inch of it, but so far our round-the-globe trip has left us with limited time and resources to do much traveling within New Zealand.

Luckily, there are a lot of great tramping tracks ("tramping" = Kiwispeak for "hiking") right around Dunedin. The weather was awesome this afternoon so we packed up the dogs and hit the Pineapple Track, which amazingly is only about a five minute drive from our house. As you can see, there was lots of snow on the track as we ascended to the top. The dogs were in heaven.

Start of the track

Pretty stuff

Mountain man

More pretty stuff

Dunedin and the Otago Peninsula

Mmmm. Snacks at the top.

Don't I look outdoorsy?

As you can see, Owen was completely mesmerized by this snowman. Owen is very lucky to be so cute because he would not get very far on brains alone.


lottiedottie said...

I want to 'tramp' and eat Cadbury eggs year round! What more could a girl ask for?

I'm amazed that Owen allowed so many photos of himself to be taken. He appears to be getting less camera shy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Shana,
Glad to hear that work has started. The office may be a bit bare but remember all those hours doing document review in tunnels, or basements, or whatever other glamorous locations you were sent. Not so bad now, is it?

I like Owen's pic by the snowman. We took Walter to the beach last week. He never actually went on the beach (dogs aren't allowed at Wrightsville) but he loved all the bugs and other small things a dog can chase in beachy locations. A particular highlight was a plunge into a swamp in a desperate attempt to eat a dragonfly. There's just nothing like a swampy dog.

Miss you around here.