Saturday, August 9, 2008

Out and about

First week of work went well.

Here is the view from my office (yes, the window is a bit dirty):

View continued

My rather naked-looking office. I need some books, or something.

My building from the outside:

Some campus shots. Chris's building is just a two-minute walk in this direction, so we will be able to get lunch and whatnot.

We went to the market this morning and got a bunch of bread and meat and cheese and veggies. Here is Christopher:

The Cadbury factory is right in the center of town. The nice thing about having a Cadbury factory is you can buy those Cadbury Easter eggs all year round. Treat!

That's about it for pictures for the time being. What else?

The weather has been absolutely insane, ranging from sunny and so warm you don't need a coat (Thursday) to sunny but cold (Friday morning) to rainy and cold (Friday noon) to sunny and cold again (Friday early afternoon) to hail (Friday late afternoon) to snow (overnight) and back to sunny and nice (Saturday afternoon, as I write this). In the past I have gotten annoyed by people who want to talk about the weather all of the time and secretly thought that these people really need a hobby, but suddenly living here I am totally obsessed with the weather and completely at its mercy.

What else, what else ... I saw an older Maori guy at my gym this week who had the full facial tattoos, which apparently are called ta moko. I'd seen full-face tats on TV but this was the first time I'd seen somebody wearing them in person and let me tell you, it is trippy. I was trying not to stare at the guy but this is just not something you see in Georgia. I really wanted to ask him if that tats mean something, or if they're just decorative, but I was a little intimidated to talk to a guy with full-face tats while he was lifting heavy weights. So I just came home and looked up Maori tattooing on Wikipedia. I know. I'm a wuss.

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