Sunday, June 8, 2008

Snow Day!

Woke up this morning to snow! It all melted by about 1 pm, but it was pretty. It seems unreal that it was 90 degrees F in Atlanta yesterday.

View from our living room window

Dusted backyard

Owen enjoying the snow while fleeing from the camera.

On a little walk. This isn't a great picture but I love the hills behind our neighborhood ...

Primary school near our house

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Anonymous said...

Hi - I found a link to your blog on the site. I look forward to hearing about your NZ exploits - mostly because I'm an American married to a Kiwi and will be moving there someday. Like you, I'm an attorney from the south, not too far from Atlanta (near Asheville, NC in my case). The whole career aspect of such a move is of particular interest to me. It will be interesting to see what sorts of opportunities you find there. So keep up the blogging!

And yes, Pineapple lumps are a bit strange but if you like Twizzlers try the Rasberry Twists.