Saturday, June 14, 2008

Beach Day

To say the dogs like the beach is an understatement. They go crazy. They lose their little walnut-sized minds.

These aren't the greatest pictures (again, Owen's camera phobia forced me to be discreet so he wouldn't go running over the dunes, never to be seen again) but it gives you an idea.




Livy action shot.

I like that they include "public toilets" among the list of destinations. That is practical. (In case you have trouble reading the "New York" arm, it says 14893 km. 14893km = 9254 miles. Can that be right?)

Before we sign off, a great big congratulations to devoted readers Lauren and David, who are getting married in Georgia today!!! Here's to many happy, loving years ahead!

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

i want a picture with "lawyers head" pointed at you!

the casino party was no fun last night without y'all.