Saturday, June 21, 2008


The week has zipped by. A recap for my devoted readers:

1) Professional development. It looks like I have found some work doing legal research for a new center (centre) at the university. I'm meeting with the dean again next week to talk about it further, but it sounds like they'll have me starting in mid-July. The work sounds super interesting, and I hope it will be a good opportunity to learn more about the NZ legal system and get to know some folks without taking the plunge just yet to get certified to practice law.

What does the certification process entail, you ask? I keep avoiding this topic because it is rather dry reading, and because it gives me an ulcer, but since you asked: I am told that it is six classes for most foreign lawyers -- mostly first-year foundation classes like property, contracts, blah blah blah. BUT technically there is no clear set standard that applies to everybody, and each foreign lawyer simply has to submit their credentials to the council that oversees foreign lawyers with a $1200 application fee. No, $1200 is not a typo. Yes, that's just the fee for them to tell you exactly what classes they want you to take -- not tuition. I'm told that a few very hardcore foreign lawyers who go to school full-time have gotten certified in a year, but most people take about two years. Ulcer.

2) Social development. I had two lunch dates this week with people I met at a luncheon for women lawyers, so it has been fun to meet some new folks. Yesterday I hung out with this really hilarious Australian lawyer who introduced me to several of her friends, also lawyers. (My K&S readers may be interested to know that based on this limited exposure, I have concluded that lawyers around the world basically complain about the same things ...)

3) Physical development. Yoga is the only thing that consistently helps my back pain. I took a long-overdue level-one iyengar class this week and have concluded that Kiwis practice a very sadistic form of yoga. My back now feels great but every other muscle in my body feels like it has been pummeled with a cricket bat.

Also, after much searching, the dogs and I discovered a really awesome dog park hidden less than a mile from our house. It's huge and it's got some short walking trails and bush areas within the fenced area that they've enjoyed exploring. By the time we walk up there, play, and walk back, they are blissfully passed out for the rest of the day.

4) Marital development. Chris and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary this week on the 19th. (Woo hoo! I love you, honey!) We celebrated on the 19th, but since technically it was the 20th in NZ on the day we got married, we dragged out the celebration an extra day. Gotta love the international date line. I fully plan to have two-day celebrations for all birthdays, holidays and anniversaries in the future.

5) Cultural development. We're about to go on a big trip. This post is already getting way too long and chatty, so I will write another one in the next day or two to tell you all about it. I'm way excited.

I miss you guys!

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audrey and josh said...

Dog park, anniversaries, yoga, and new jobs... sounds like things really are progressing! My husband and I are celebrating our 2 year anniversary this upcoming week and we're marking this small milestone with a 6 month trip over to New Zealand -- starting in August. We're very excited but I'm hoping all the trip planning doesn't give ME an ulcer! Best of luck with the new job!