Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stuff that makes you happy.

For weeks, Chris has been telling me about this funny dog he sees riding around town in a delivery truck, and I thought it was a cute story, but whatever. And then yesterday he said he saw the dog wearing dog goggles ("doggles," I believe they are called) and I was like, hmm, that's funny.

And then today he finally got a picture, and now I get it. Hysterical.

A big Kia Ora, Y'all Happy Birthday to my favorite cutie sister-in-law, Lisa, and my favorite cutie IP lawyer, Elizabeth, who are both celebrating on Friday! Have a good one!!!


Lola said...

omg that is truly awesome...i'm pointing my friend to your page. she will purchase these for her dogs. i know it...

Elizabeth said...

Banjo needs doggles! Thanks for the birthday wishes, though I know that Shaun is really your favorite cutie IP lawyer!