Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Here is a picture of Owen, as we know and love him. As my devoted readers know, he is terrified of cameras so pretty much every picture we have of him is 1) from far away, when he is not paying attention; 2) him looking frightened and miserable; or 3) his butt, as he runs in the other direction. As it turns out, however, he will pose happily for photos on Chris's iPhone.

This is a small victory.


elizabeth said...

but can we get a photo of the very elusive and very adorable pregnant Shana?

Jen said...

Ditto, Elizabeth! Need preggers pictures. If you don't want to show the haircut, no problem (although I'm sure it's not bad, your hair is beautiful).

lottiedottie said...

OMG! I understand the importance of this monumental day when Owen embraces having his photo made...I have a few theories as to why he's not afraid of an iphone, but IS afraid of a big bad camera. That's a very sweet picture of him btw, and of you in the previous post! Can't wait to pat pat the pregnant belly!