Monday, September 22, 2008


Okay, so I was wrong. 1) We have not lost the camera; and 2) We do have new pictures besides the dogs. Sunday night, some new friends invited us to a little dinner party in Karitane, a pretty little coastal village about a half hour north of Dunedin. Before gorging ourselves silly on a delicious dinner and enormous pieces of lemon meringue pie, we took a little hike ("tramp") along the coast. So it was all good. Here are the pics:

Karitane coast

Long view of the track

Blow hole. A little sign nearby indicated that two star-crossed Maori lovers committed suicide on this site a long time ago because their families wouldn't allow them to be together. Seems a bit drastic to me, but makes the place extra interesting.


Who is the cutest husband ever?

Yup, that's me.


efox said...

whew - so glad the camera isn't lost! those are great pictures. tell us more about how you party in NZ. do people drink beer at partys? if so, what is it like? will there be halloween costume parties?

Anonymous said...

I love your pics. It's so beautiful there. It makes my view out the north side of 1180 seem super lame. -Emily